KSG Server is operated by KSG-AMERIA, INC. We founded in Sacramento, California in 2017 as a subsidiary of Japanese company Kokusai Sangyo Gijutsu(KSG).

Our History

Our parent company KSG(Kokusai Sangyo Gijutsu) was established in October 1986. So they have over 30 years history in IT business. KSG provides servers, networking equipment, incidental services, architecture services, and the like to enterprises.

With regard to server sales volume, sales results for 2014 show that KSG sold over 8,500 highly regarded IA server units which, according to an IDC survey, comprises 1.5% of all IA server units sold in Japan. Additionally, KSG has boasted the No. 1 sales ranking in Japan for four years running of DSP (Delivery Service Partner) sales of Microsoft’s Windows Server OS for servers.

Using their track record within Japan for the sale and large-scale rollout of low-cost servers, These products will pave the way for establishing ties with start-up companies and building an ongoing business base in the U.S. KSG America provides high-performance infrastructure and custom solutions to individuals and businesses at the low price in a range of industries.

Our mission

Our goal is the US-Japan ICT bridge. KSG AMERICA focuses on partnering, not with large corporations, but with smaller businesses and start-ups in order to help them expand, with the ultimate objective of bringing more American exports of the latest technologies to Japan, thereby serving as a two-way ICT bridge between the two countries.

Our conviction

We believe that nothing is more important than the interaction between our customers and our team. We want to build a relationship with our customers by provided products. We are thinking that our success is entirely dependent upon the success of our customers.

Our Features

Low cost


Durable and Quiet Server

Fast delivery