Unfortunately, the name of Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX 1330 M1 recognition is low in the United States, but it is known as the best selling  1U server in Japan.
The reason why it is highly-praised in Japan is that its basic performance is solid, the robustness and the high extensibility.

Because Fujitsu stuck to Japan quality, the quality of each part is also high, so it is a product with high reliability of the hardware.

The PRIMERGY RX 1330 M1 proposed by us is a 3.5-inch hard disk model 4 bay specification with higher availability for such as data center.

It has an Intel Xeon E3-1231v3, quad core CPU, Hyper Threading support, so it is also recommended for virtualization.


In addition, we prepare the Fujitsu genuine brackets so that you can install the third party HDD.

In Japan, its MSRP from Fujitsu will be $2,150, but our sales price is only $499 with 2 brackets.

By the way, if you wonder how much Xeon E3-1231v3 is sold on eBay, it is about $300 including second-hand condition.

When it comes brand new, the price is $400 from the latter half of $300.

If you have not used the Fujitsu server yet, we highly recommend to use it by all means.

I am absolutely convinced that you will become this to additionally introduce.


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